Ms. Dorsey's  Clothes Closet

"I can't tell you how much the nice clothes mean to me.
I was well dressed for a job interview - and I got the job!"​

We provide new and used clothing for people in need in the Salem community and surrounding area. Clothes are freely donated by church members, civic groups, school groups, businesses and individuals.   Our customers do not need a referral to receive free clothing. For over three decades, thousands of individuals have been served.  This community outreach is our response to "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself."
During 2018,
  •  We provided clothing for 1,787 families, 47%  living in Salem;
  •  Served about 45 families daily (60% of the families were Caucasian;  20% Hispanic; 15% African Americans; 4% Haitian, 1% Other);
  •  Provided over 26,250 pounds of clothing;
  •  Sorted and hung around 100 pounds of clothes daily;
  •  The Closet was open 4 hours each day (10:00 am – 2:00 pm);
  • Welcomed the help of over 120 volunteers serving at least one shift per month and contributing over 3,000 volunteer hours each year.

We also provide shoes, jewelry, toys, linens, household items and small appliances to families.  Shoe vouchers are available for purchase of work shoes and school shoes.

Financial contributions are always needed to buy shoe vouchers and assist with emergency clothing needs for adults.  ​